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Circulaire kabelmontages

Beeld Onderdeel nummer fabrikanten Beschrijving Prijs Uitzicht
1560963 Phoenix Contact CABLE 4POS $52.43 RFQ
1403972 Phoenix Contact CBL ASY 4POS SCKT,RA-PLUG 300MM $27.48 RFQ
GR0300100 SL358 Alpha Wire M8M STR TO CUT 4POL $21.87 RFQ
486P6S144 Conxall/Switchcraft CABLE STR MALE-R/A FMAL 6POS 12' $55.38 RFQ
1509513 Phoenix Contact CABLE 4POS $98.32 RFQ
1582323 Phoenix Contact CONN ASSY $17.97 RFQ
1409520 Phoenix Contact SAC-HZ-3P-MS/1 5-542/FR SCO BK $22.08 RFQ
1415644 Phoenix Contact SENSOR/ACTUATOR CABLE 4POS $21.88 RFQ
604ST5 Conxall/Switchcraft CABLE SGL END STR 4POS FMALE 5M $21.39 RFQ
375S5S1 Conxall/Switchcraft CABLE STR FEMALE-FEMALE 5POS 1M $33.22 RFQ
AR0800112 SL401 Image AR0800112 SL401 Alpha Wire M12F STR TO CUT 22AWG 08POL $152.87 RFQ
1507353 Phoenix Contact CABLE 2POS M12 PLUG-SOCKET 0.5M $58.89 RFQ
1524404 Phoenix Contact CABLE 4POS STR PLUG STR PLUG 15M $116.20 RFQ
9457690500 Weidmuller CABLE SOCKET 5POLE $19.49 RFQ
1430129 Phoenix Contact CABLE $63.83 RFQ
165S144 Conxall/Switchcraft CABLE SGL-END STR SCKT 5POS 12' $38.29 RFQ
1404102 Phoenix Contact CBL ASSY 5POS SCKT,RA-PLUG 300MM $24.83 RFQ
42-10458 Conec CONN M8 FML 3POS $18.94 RFQ
1555279 Phoenix Contact CABLE $72.20 RFQ
484S4P144 Conxall/Switchcraft CABLE STR FMAL-STR MALE 4POS 12' $34.34 RFQ
DR08AW103 SL358 Alpha Wire M12M STR TO M12F 90DEG 24AWG 08P $57.83 RFQ
1429826 Phoenix Contact CABLE 4POS $142.20 RFQ
1404093 Phoenix Contact CBL ASSY 5POS SCKT,RA-WIRE 1.5M $22.51 RFQ
1200660259 Image 1200660259 Molex Connector Corporation CORD 4POS FEMALE/MALE M12 .3M $38.94 RFQ
1419030 Phoenix Contact CABLE ASSY 5POS FMALE M12 5M $42.44 RFQ
AW0800124 SL355 Alpha Wire M12F 90DEG INTTHR TO CUT 24AWG 0 $21.67 RFQ
2273116-2 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors M12 STRGT PLUG TO M12 ANGLED SOC $10.92 RFQ
42-10070 Conec CONN M8 FML 3POS $12.36 RFQ
1619284 Phoenix Contact K-12 - OE/010-E00/M23 FK $259.23 RFQ
1303045407 Molex, LLC MIC 4P M/ME ST/ST EX 5M #18/4 EN $0.00 RFQ
DR04GW101 SL358 Alpha Wire M12M STR TO M8F 90DEG 4POL $40.43 RFQ
353P3P1 Conxall/Switchcraft CABLE STR MALE-R/A MALE 3POS 1M $25.87 RFQ
1108781000 Weidmuller CABLE SOCKET 4POLE $31.01 RFQ
1812550300 Weidmuller CABLE CONN TWIN 3POLE $45.46 RFQ
1200661172 Molex Connector Corporation CORD 3POS FEMALE RA/MALE M12 2M $43.67 RFQ
CA 091 70 0006 Image CA 091 70 0006 Amphenol Sine Systems Corp CBL ASSY 10' MALE 7POS SGL C091 $0.00 RFQ
1612P144 Conxall/Switchcraft CABLE SGL-END STR PLUG 12POS 12' $78.94 RFQ
0848547024 Image 0848547024 Molex, LLC CORD 5POS FEMALE M12 3M 22AWG $42.38 RFQ
1417919 Phoenix Contact CABLE 5POS FMALE,RA-MALE,RA 1M $71.31 RFQ
0848548029 Molex, LLC CORD 5POS MALE RA M12 1M 22AWG $32.60 RFQ
405P36 Conxall/Switchcraft CABLE STR SGL-END MALE 5POS 3' $24.38 RFQ
1420003 Phoenix Contact CABLE SOCKET 4POS FLANGE MNT $18.38 RFQ
43-10977 Conec CONN FEMALE M12X1 AXIAL $28.17 RFQ
43-10973 Conec CONN FEMALE M12X1 AXIAL $26.40 RFQ
C112 20C054 010 10 Amphenol Sine Systems Corp CABLE MALE-FEMALE 4POS PUR 1.0M $0.00 RFQ
1442625 Image 1442625 Phoenix Contact CABLE 4POS R/A SOCKET 10M $25.28 RFQ
5610P10P144 Conxall/Switchcraft CABLE STR MALE-MALE 10POS 12' $90.10 RFQ
XS2F-D421-T80-A Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div 25M,STRT SE,DC,4 PIN CONNECTOR $0.00 RFQ
1838291-2 TE Connectivity AMP Connectors CONN MALE M8 3POS R/A 3M CABLE $0.00 RFQ
193P3S144 Conxall/Switchcraft CABLE STR 3POS MALE-FEMALE 12' $39.92 RFQ